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KC Hunt has always been a determined self starter and entrepreneur at heart even at a very young age. He did lemonade stands with delicious baked goods prepared by his mother, collected and recycled newspapers and aluminum cans, babysat, mowed lawns and washed cars throughout his youth to make his own way. At age 16 he got his first job as a computer technician even though everybody told him he was too young and had no experience. He had decided that was what he wanted to do and so he put on a tie and drove all over town for a couple of weeks, stopping at every computer repair shop he could find until he landed the job he wanted. KC went on to get his B.S. in Computer & Information Technology from Dixie State College (now DSU). However, after 15 years in the computer hardware and web programming industries he decided it was time to return to being an entrepreneur.
In 2014 KC discovered a passion for real estate and began learning about investing in rental properties. After so many years of working everyday building somebody else’s business he decided to start focusing on his own. Real estate investing made so much sense because the opportunities are limitless. Soon thereafter he got his first rental property. In 2015 he decided to take it further by getting his Realtors license. He loves a good challenge and is great at creating win-win solutions and loves helping people in need. He has always loved thinking outside the box and making things happen.
KC loves camping and rock climbing and is always very actively involved in his church.
KC and his wife, Celeste, migrated to southern Utah in 2006 and put down roots after meeting and getting married in Arizona. KC spent his whole life in the Arizona heat and so the much milder summers of Southern Utah were a welcome change. Now they have 4 wonderful children that provide loads of giggles and fun times. KC is excited to teach his children more about hard work and being an entrepreneur like he learned as a child. For KC, family and fun is what life is all about – being able to spend time with the ones you love, doing things that you enjoy. KC believes that real estate is not about buying or selling houses but about helping people find a place to call home. He continues to pursue his own dreams through real estate while being committed to helping you achieve yours.


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