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Bathroom Trends

Posted by Blog Builder on July 23, 2018
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When thinking of your dream home, the rooms you often think of are your master bedroom, kitchen and dining area, and possibly along with a finished basement you can use as an entertainment room. One of the last things people think about is the bathrooms. They shouldn’t be overlooked though as they can be an integral part of the home as well. Check out some of the latest trends in the bathroom space.


There has been a recent trend toward making bathrooms larger. Whether it is a more significant jetted tub or shower, two separate sinks, or other space-taking amenities, homeowners are requesting more space for their bathrooms.


Instead of using all the extra closets for linens, home builders are getting more requests for a room in the bathroom. They are not only using closets either, opting for the more creative use of the space.

Touch activated Faucets

A bathroom is often a place you come to clean up from being dirty. Whether you are painting a wall, doing some gardening, or grouting a floor, it can be inconvenient to wash your hands, when your hands are the ones that are dirty. A touch activated faucet allows you to use other parts of your body to enable the valve and avoid getting your faucet dirty all the time. That allows for less spreading of germs and a lot easier on the cleanup.

Warming drawers

No longer will you have to put your towel in the dryer for 20 minutes to get a warm towel. After a nice, relaxing shower, you will have a warm towel to melt all the stress off the day. A warming drawer will keep your towels and other linens fresh and warm.

Digital Shower

Welcome to the future, where the shower you want is ready for you, the way you like it, and at the temperature and pressure you want. No more adjusting and readjusting just to find the right temperature. Need a shower with more force? Use the remote control to up the setting. Want to get the shower started right when you wake up? Use the remote to get it started. The time is now to begin relaxing with a better shower.

Heated Tiles

For a small area like a bathroom, heated tiles are a great idea, especially on those cold winter mornings. They are often reasonably affordable, reasonably easy to install, and can be energy saving, as the temperature of the tiles can be lower and can save your overall heating bill. It is also very flexible so that you are only using the heat when you need it.

Take the time to think about some of the trends that can make your home and bathroom a more comfortable and efficient place.


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