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Why a Kitchen is so Important in selling a Home

Posted by Blog Builder on August 20, 2018
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When selling a home, it is always important that your house looks appealing to prospective home buyers. When someone looks at your house for the first time, they usually see the kitchen. For most home buyers this will be the central area for entertaining guests.

When you put your home up for sale there are some great ways you can help make your kitchen a great seller for your house. Here are some tips and tricks for sprucing up your kitchen and making it a second salesman for your house.

Clear the kitchen of Clutter

When you have lived for a while in your current home, you have probably accumulated a lot of things that show your personality. Things like plants, magnets, and other things that mean a lot to you. However, when selling your home, you have to remember that prospective buyers won’t always agree with your same style. It is important for the kitchen area to be clean and clear so a buyer can imagine their style in your kitchen. If there is too much personal style in your kitchen, a buyer may see too much work going into getting their way and may be turned off.


Put a Thorough Cleaning into the Kitchen

As a current home owner, you may have neglected a lot of areas in the kitchen that need some TLC. While you may not have used the oven a lot, get in there and give it a rigorous scrubbing and it can make a huge impression. Sweep and mop the floors to give a brighter shine on the floors. Clean out cabinets that make have been neglected for a while. Most importantly, cleaning out the refrigerator can give a buyer some fresh perspective of the house.


Take Care of any Maintenance Issues:

If there are any lights out, get them changed. When looking at the refrigerator, check out the refrigerator for any leaks, and get the ice machine fixed or filters changed. Check below the sink for any leaks or plumbing issues. Find out if any doors or windows need repair or fixing.


Lighten Up the Kitchen

The warmth that any buyer will feel toward the house will be in the lighting. Not only is it bright, but is warm and inviting. A family will see themselves being in a well-lit kitchen as opposed to dark, dreary place. Just by putting lots of light it will make your kitchen seem larger and a more attractive place to be with guests.


Use Fragrance to Entice

Kitchens are used for baking and sometimes smells can hang around. If the scent is enticing, people will be more likely to go to that place. Don’t overpower with fragrances. Subtle smells are the best. A great tip is to cook something with a great smell before inviting people to look at your home.

Your kitchen is often the key to selling your home. Make sure that buyers have a positive, memorable experience that will entice them to buy your home and the house will sell itself.


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