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Wire Fraud

Posted by Blog Builder on November 9, 2018
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Not long ago, fraudsters had to rely on the telephone and make hundreds of calls to try to hook a hapless, gullible, lonely retiree or lonely heart to perpetrate a scheme. The old-fashioned phone call is still employed as a means to contact prey, but today, with the awesome power of the internet to find potential victims, a fraudster’s work can be done online with a few fake postings of pictures, a tale of woe, a promise of untold riches or promise of everlasting love — and all of this can be written with bad grammar and spelling. If you get such messages or solicitations to send $10,000 to a stranger, delete them right away. Don’t become a victim of wire fraud.
Red Rock Real Estate encourages you to use the old method of using a check for your earnest money deposit and when transferring funds for your closing, work closely with your escrow officer at the title company to obtain wire transfer information.


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