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Washington City, Utah Real Estate

Today, Washington City is a thriving city, and with the influx of retired people who have discovered it to be a very attractive and warm place to spend winters, the city has increased in size. It is one of the cities of Southern Utah that has exploded with new population growth in the past decade.
Amenities have kept up with the growth. The City has a very challenging professional golf course that draws players from all over the West because of its design and difficulty. There are two beautiful parks in the city, one recently finished, for the use of its citizens. Other parks are on the drawing boards to insure the citizenry there will be adequate parks for families to enjoy. A new city office building has been designed to fit the decor to the old city, and has recently been completed. A municipal swimming pool and ballparks are part of the amenities of the city. Many new homes have been constructed to supply the need for all persons.
There are several organizations that help to promote year round activities. The Washington Chamber of Commerce, The Lions Club, The Sons and Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, Churches, Schools and others. The Washington City Historical Society functions in helping others to preserve their legacy and to find and save the history of the city and its early pioneers. Summing up as quoted in the Washington City magazine 1998:
“More than 135 years ago Washington City was the birthplace of the Southern Utah Cotton Mission. Today, Washington city continues to enjoy its reputation as a leading city in Washington County community were young families thrive, retired folks flourish and visitors return again and again to enjoy the mild weather, the friendly people, the awesome landscape and the peaceful lifestyle.”

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